Formative Assessment Process

Generally, formative assessment is a deliberate assessment process used by teachers and students during instruction. The assessment provides actionable feedback that is used to adjust ongoing teaching and learning strategies to improve students’ attainment of curricular learning targets/goals. Formative assessment could be in several forms. For example, the teacher may use questioning, discussions, group activity or any other method that can be used to measure and ascertain that learning is taking place in the class. There are four attributes in the Formative Assessment Process (FAP). These include: Clarifying intended learning, Eliciting evidence of learning, Interpreting evidence of learning, and Acting on evidence. Our unique assessment items have been developed to first target areas of the curriculum that students find difficult. The assessment uses the principles and framework of Computer Adaptive Test of CAT. Additional information on CAT has been provided in the subsequent pages. We simply provide teachers with entry and exit slips to help them measure learning. The entry slip is a computer generated sheet that has about five salient questions pertaining to the lesson object and or previous learning that has direct relationship with the new lesson. The teacher will pass out the slips to students for them to complete the questions. The responses are intend to inform the teacher about the students knowledge about the new lesson. The exit slip on the other hand is intended to allow students to share their learning after the lesson. They are the same questions the teacher provided on the entrance slips. The responses must show the new learning or the new lesson taught. The outcome of formative assessments are mainly for teachers to review their methodologies. In many cases where results are not as desired, we provide resources for teachers and students to utilize. Please refer to our resource library for more information on how to download specific resources for classroom teaching and learning. We offer sample lesson plans for teachers to review and use for their students.